Lewitt expands MTP Live Series

Lewitt has added two new microphones to its MTP Live Series.

The MTP940 (UK RRP £499) offers three switchable polar patterns – wide cardioid, cardioid and super cardioid – making it suitable for a wide range of applications; from lead vocals, public speaking and choirs, to unplugged situations involving a singer with acoustic instrument, for example.

A three-position high-pass filter allows the user to directly influence the proximity effect, and the three-position pre-attenuation pad is designed to ensure clip-free results even in the most extreme high SPL environments. The externally biased large-diaphragm provides a dynamic range of 135 dB, while the high headroom and patent-pending Direct Coupling circuit design make the MTP940 capable of delivering a self-noise level of 9dB.

The second new addition to the Series is the MTP840 (UK RRP £209), which is ideal for studio and live use. It features a circuitry design and components that were engineered to create optimal low self-noise and maximum dynamic range. A tailored frequency curve – specially designed for vocal applications – was introduced to ensure "professional sound quality." It also includes a three-step high-pass filter.

A built-in three-position amplifier makes the MTP840 an active mic, allowing for improved capturing of vocal nuances and distant sources.

LEDs on both models provide visual confirmation of the microphone’s various settings.

John Hornby Skewes & Co is the UK distributor for Lewitt microphones.

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