Liberty Studios installs Aviom personal mixing system

An Aviom Pro 16 personal mixing system has been installed at Toronto’s Liberty Studios as part of its transition to HD and 7.1 surround sound production.

The studio recently upgraded its 6,000 square-foot facility, making use of its six new Aviom A-16II Personal Mixers, which are located in the live room for artists to create their own personal mixes. Liberty’s presets include a separate instrument on each of the channels, allowing the musicians to pick and choose what they would like to hear most. From there, the studio also uses the system to run audio back to the control room, where they mix on one of five Digidesign consoles.

“We know that Aviom is the go-to company for this type of application,” said John Payne, president of Liberty Studios. “We use the personal mixing system with absolutely every one of our recordings; there’s no way to get through a session without it. It’s one of the most essential pieces of gear on our floor.”

The studio installed an Aviom 6416dio Digital I/O Module to route their digital signal to the mixers via an ASI A-Net Systems Interface. The 6416dio is also used to send clock to the studio’s Apogee Big Ben and A-to-D converter. Also in use is Aviom’s A-16D Pro A-Net Distributor, which distributes the A-Net signal and DC power to each of the mixers.

“With our studio, we were aiming for the type where any producer, engineer, band or artist can absolutely do any task necessary,” added Payne. “The Aviom personal mixing system is connect, click, done — it’s on your required channel right away. That’s why we chose Aviom.

“The artists like being able to control what they are listening to and they enjoy the opportunity to have a hands-on feel,” Payne concluded. “The A-16IIs really allow them to get into the groove because they can adjust the mix to their own liking. If they want their instrument louder, they can do that; if they want something lowered, it is a lot easier for them.”