Live Music Bill to go live from October 1st

Small venues across the UK will today be celebrating the news that the Live Music Bill is set to commence from October 1st 2012.

The crucial Bill means that venues with a capacity of less than 200 people will now be allowed to put on both amplified and un-amplified music without a license. It is also hoped that the passing of the new Bill with bring about an increase in the number of live music performances taking place across the UK, with a significant drop in figures linked to the over-regulation and high cost of licenses, which follwoed the Licensing Act of 2003.

An updated Live Music kit is soon to be distributed by the MU, with venues across the UK once again looking to host live music, while PRS for Music is soon to launch a campaign aimed at pub landlords, in order to educate them on the many virtues of hosting live music.

The Live Music Bill received Royal Assent on March 8th, 2012, following months of speculation as to whether or not small UK venues would be permitted to host live music events without the need for a license.

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