Live music boom expected as new act comes into play

The long-awaited implementation of the Live Music Act is now just days away, and to ensure that venues are well versed on the finer details, the MU (Musicians Union) has launched the ‘Live Music Kit’, containing key advice on how to make the most of the new act.

The kit outlines the terms of the Act, and explains how a live music programme can enhance a business by creating a higher profile, a more vibrant atmosphere and, ultimately, an increase in clientele and revenue. It also offers adivice on the legislative, practical and creative elements involved in hosting live music, and features a range of resources, including performance contracts, health and safety issues, promotional advice and useful contacts.

John Smith, MU general secretary, stated: “The implementation of the Live Music Act signifies an exciting time for both venues and musicians, who can use the opportunity to work together to create a growing audience and profile, and long-term success. As the research undertaken by PRS for Music has shown, live music can be hugely beneficial for pubs – pubs without featured music being three times more likely to close than pubs with featured music.

“At a time when many working musicians are struggling, and events such as the Olympics and Jubilee celebrations seem to have brought about only unpaid gigs, this exemption is great news for them because I am confident that it will bring about a real resurgence in live music in pubs and other small venues.

“Small venues are, after all, the places where most musicians start their careers and so promoting opportunities for live performance in small venues protects the career progression of musicians in the UK. We also believe that live music performance is an essential aspect of culture in the UK and that it should be promoted in its own right. This is why the Live Music Act is so important, and we hope that the Live Music Kit will help venues to make the most of the new exemption.”

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