London College of Music upgrades 5.1 system with Unity Audio

The London College of Music at the University of West London has installed new Unity Audio gear as part of a 5.1 system upgrade, including six Rock MKII monitors and Avalanche sub-woofers.

The Rock uses a 50KHz folded ribbon tweeter and the 180mm woofer features a 0.2mm aluminum foil. The seamless combination of drivers delivers a frequency response of 37Hz-38kHz +/- 3db. It’s also equipped with a 100w discrete bi-polar low feedback amplifier with custom wound transformers.

The Avalanche active sub-woofer is designed to transform the Rock monitors into full range 3-way and 4-way systems, extending their low frequency performance down to 22Hz.

“In terms of the choice of the Rock MKII as our main speaker there were a number of key reasons for the choice” said Dr Andrew Bourbon, senior lecturer at the London College of Music. “The MKII release extended the frequency response impressively, giving all of the benefits of the sealed box design with the extended response in a box size normally limited to ported designs.

The Rock MKII never over excites the room acoustics"

-Dr Andrew Bourbon

“The Rock MKII never over excites the room acoustics and is in no way bloated in the bottom end, but still reflects details that bely the box size, particularly when listening at low levels. The performance of The Rock MKII at low level is a real positive, it is great to be able to work at such quiet levels, avoiding ear fatigue and also providing an environment where discussion can take place without having to ride the speaker level- as a teaching tool in the studio monitoring at low level is of great benefit, as is the excellent translation without destroying your hearing! I have found vocal mixing in particular really easy on The Rock MkII, the space and detail available really translates and they have become a real tool for me in checking the all important upper midrange balance and presentation."