Loto Audio: Our Vero system ‘will blow people’s minds’

Mexican rental house Loto Audio has invested in a large format Funktion-One Vero sound system for the country’s touring market.

The Vero range features six low distortion horn-loaded loudspeakers – the V60 mid-high, V90 mid-high and V315 mid-bass, with a choice of V221, V124 or V132 bass.

The V60, V90 and V315 have identical dimensions, enabling them to be flown in the same vertical array, while the ground stacked V221, V124 and V132 bass enclosures offer a choice of size and low frequency extension.

A single Vero enclosure can perform as a standalone unit because it does not rely on near field coupling from adjacent boxes to achieve the desired frequency response.

The Vero system uses a new process called Geometric Energy Summation (GES), which facilitates mutual reinforcement in the far field, while giving outstanding directivity and level control.

Mexican audiences got their first taste of the new Vero system during a live performance by national favourites, Mijares, to mark the country’s Independence Day celebrations on 15 September, with many more festivals lined up for the end of the year.

From the first moment we heard Vero, we wanted it.

– Ramon Salazar

Commenting on the system, Loto Audio’s founder, Ramon Salazar, said: “From the first moment we heard Vero, we wanted it. It will blow a lot of people’s minds, especially compared to what they are used to hearing. It’s always a good time to invest in any Funktion-One product, but adding Vero to our rental stock means we can reach big festivals and hit the rock/touring market.

“A lot of Mexican production companies are already very familiar with the traditional Funktion-One loudspeakers. Now that we have Vero, I’m sure they’ll be keen to use it on their bigger events. It is not a ‘line array sound’, that is for sure. With Vero you have more consistency and intelligibility. That greatly improves the stereo image. Besides the great mids and highs that we all know, it also has a dedicated box – the V315 – to do the low mids, helping to create a complete sound that no other company, speaker or line array can achieve.”

Rental companies, sound engineers and producers are invited to a demonstration of Vero at Loto Audio’s introductory event, taking place in November. For more information contact info@lotoaudio.com.mx.