Loudness debate sponsored by RTW and J?nger Audio

The loudness conference, which was recently hosted by the UK Screen Association in London, saw RTW and Jünger Audio come together to sponsor the event.

The event was aimed at informing UK Screen Association members, heads of audio, chief engineers, dubbing mixers and audio professionals of the Digital Production Partnership’s (DPP) objectives in the implementation of loudness specification EBU R128.

A debate was held concerning the technical and creative implications of the ruling and the DPP took the opportunity to determine the delegates’ readiness to embrace the latest EBU standard in a bid to establish an implementation date.

RTW had its TM9 and TM3 touch screen audio metres on hand for delegates to see how combining traditional moving coil PPMs with the new R128 metering can ease the transition to the new standard. Both devices deliver loudness measurement, LRA loudness range and True Peak as specified by EBU R128. TM9 is an expandable system that offers a choice of I/O and a selection of metering tools, including the Surround Sound Analyser for 5.1, 6.1 and DD+ 7.1. The more compact TM3 is available with two or six channels for stereo and 5.1 use. The latest version TM3 includes a 3G-SDI interface for 16 audio channels with optional de-embedder, monitoring control with on-screen fader and timecode reader.

Jünger Audio demonstrated the T*AP digital audio processor that provides unattended EBU R128 compliant loudness management and, with the addition of Jünger’s Loudness Logger, real time and offline loudness analysis.

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