Lucky Cat completes expansion

Lucky Cat, a boutique post house located in London’s Soho, has recently taken on an extra 1,200 sq ft of office space to create a brand new hub for high-end post and audio.

The new basement enables Lucky Cat to offer additional services and extra capacity beyond the 5.1 and 7.1 dubbing that it already offers, to facilitate its current clients and growing advertising portfolio.

In addition to a welcoming lounge and offline suite, two new rooms allow for Baselight 4K HDR grading and Dolby Atmos mixing to take place simultaneously in suites right next to one another.

Senior dubbing mixer Matt Brace commented: “Investing in audio is as important as video, so we were keen to install a Dolby Atmos studio when the decision was made to expand. The sound is breathtaking and our new studio is one of the best of its kind in Soho.”

Lucky Cat, which was founded in 2011, was already home to six offline suites, three Flame suites and two Dolby 5.1 studios. The company believes it can now offer its clients a truly first class service from start to finish, in a space and environment that is laid back, personal and friendly.

“We’re different to the main players out there, we’re not a big facility and nor do we want to be” explained Jon Myers, Lucky Cat’s MD and senior flame operator. “But we do want clients to be able to utilise top notch facilities in a creative setting, and feel as comfortable as they would at home. The year ahead is very exciting indeed”.