Lynx Pro Audio unveils new ADP Series sub-bass cabinet

Spanish pro audio manufacturer, Lynx Pro Audio, has added a new sub-bass to its ADP Series: the ADP-12S.

The ADP Series is the Valencian company’s touring range of cabinets all of which provide the user with a self-powered unit (Class D switch mode power supply) with integrated 24-bit digital signal processor (DSP).

The new ADP-12S is a high output, self-powered direct radiation sub bass. It utilises a 12 inch neodymium transducer with a nomex cone and double spider for improved linearity. Overall, it provides the user with 1000W amplification and delivers a peak of 134dB sound pressure level (SPL).

These features supplement the other qualities shared across the range. For example, the ADP series includes 13 presets: these include a basic full-range preset, various crossovers with 80-90-100Hz frequency cuts, and a flat preset. These options mean that the users are able to easily adjust the parameters manually as needed.

Similarly, all boxes in the ADP series include the possibility of Ethernet capabilities. With this included, users are able to see the input level signal, fan speed, power module temperature and much more.

What is more, the ADP-12S shares the premium birch wood casing, high-grade paint, ergonomic handles and anti-rust grilles in common with its other ADP siblings.

According to Lynx, the ADP-12S—which weighs 29kg—would be ideal in smaller clubs, live stages or events and portable installations to provide front/side fill or sound reinforcement.