Mackie?s Master Fader 2.1 available

Mackie has released Master Fader 2.1, the primary control app for Mackie DL Series digital live sound mixers. Master Fader v2.1 delivers new features including enhanced output processing.

“With 1.5 million shows mixed using DL Series mixers, we wanted to focus on features that our pro users would appreciate,” commented Ben Olswang, Mackie product manager. “So we added new, powerful output processing that replaces expensive outboard system processors.”

Drawing from user requests, Master Fader v2.1 features a four-band parametric EQ (PEQ) on all outputs. This new EQ works in parallel with the current 31-band GEQ to give users more control over their outputs. The new PEQ also includes separate high-pass and low-pass filters with variable slope control. Also new to each output is alignment delay. With up to 350ms of delay available on each output, users can easily dial in delay stacks, fill speakers, and other speaker alignment tasks. The alignment delay also includes a handy temperature control to adjust the delay for the ambient room temp.

“In addition to the processing updates, we really wanted to bring DL to even more users than ever before,” commented Olswang. “We therefore localised Master Fader into four of the most commonly used languages (in addition to English) among DL users – German, Spanish, French, and Mandarin.”

Master Fader v2.1 is available as a free download from the App Store (existing users will be able to update directly on their iPad).

Mackie claims the DL Series will continue to see frequent software updates that increase the feature set.

Master Fader v2.1 is compatible with iOS 5 or later.

Check out Mackie’s Master Fader v2.1 video that goes over all the features of the app.