Madison Square Park hosts Danley speakers

Consulting firm SIA Acoustics has implemented a PA system using Danley Sound Labs equipment for Madison Square Park’s Oval Lawn Series.

The series sees a number of weekly live music performances take place throughout the summer, drawing fans of blues, jazz and folk music to the events. This year, Danley Sound Labs was selected by SIA, and now its patent-pending Synergy Horn full-range and Tapped Horn subwoofer technologies deliver the house sound and monitors, with a Danley DSLP48 signal processor at the front end. The concerts are manned by SIA team Adam Shulman, Gino Pellicano and Chris Greco.

Shulman explained that one of the reasons for choosing Danley Sound Labs was the large output-to-size ratio of both its full-range boxes and subwoofers. He said: “The aesthetic and logistical requirements of this series dictate a high level of production from a small footprint. A gigantic stage and loudspeaker system wasn’t an option.”

The system employs two Danley SH-96 full-range boxes in a stereo configuration, with two SM-60F compact molded horns to serve the audience areas on the sides of the stage. Four Danley DBH-218 subwoofers ground the system with low-frequency reinforcement, arranged in an ‘expanded cardioid’ configuration, while providing substantial attenuation on-stage. On the 12 by 24-foot stage, eight Danley SH-LPM monitors provide audio for the musicians. A Danley DSLP48 processor conditions both the input from an Avid Profile console and the output to a rack of Lab.gruppen (house) and Yamaha (stage) amplifiers.