Madrid’s DRAX audio buys new Yamaha Nuage recording and post-production system

During the 1970s, 80s and 90s Eurosonic studios, in the centre of Madrid, was one of Spain’s premier recording studios. Since 2011 it has been given a new lease of life by DRAX audio, the latest technical upgrade featuring the installation of a Yamaha Nuage recording and post-production system.

Eurosonic was a legend in the Spanish audio production industry. Its three studio rooms – Hawaii, Kyoto and Eastlake – witnessed the production and mixing of many successful albums by a ‘Who’s Who’ of leading Spanish artists, including Julio Iglesias, Lola Flores, Mecano, Tequila, Ketama, Serrat and many more.

In 2011, Madrid-based recording company DRAX audio moved into the former Eurosonic facilities and updated it with the latest technology, while keeping the acoustic conditioning and soundproofing which gave the studio its signature sound. This dedicated improvement programme has continued to the present day.

Originally designed and constructed by UK studio company Eastlake Acoustics, the Hawaii room has variable acoustics and had been used mainly for multimedia, video games, dubbing and advertising.

Because it is such a versatile space, a few months ago the DRAX team chose to update it for a much wider range of work. This included looking for a modern, multi-purpose recording and post-production system. After an in-depth analysis of all available options, Rubén Carregal – DRAX audio partner and technical director – and his team chose a Yamaha Nuage system with Steinberg Nuendo DAW software.

The Nuage system they chose comprises Master, Fader and Workspace units, with NIOA16 I/O units. The system can be used with up to three DAW systems via a Dante network, and can handle up to 128 bidirectional channels at 192kHz, or 256 channels at 96kHz.

The system was supplied and integrated by Yamaha, with the installation carried out by Rubén and the DRAX Audio team.

“There were a number of possible systems that we could have used, but the performance and versatility of Nuage made it the obvious choice,” said Carregal. “We knew it was the right decision as soon as we started using it. The efficiency of the multi-channel integrated monitoring system and its operational capabilities for ADR and dubbing have surprised us. We would definitely recommend Nuage"