Major event technology provider invests in Lab.gruppen and Lake

Gahrens + Battermann, full service provider for various events, has purchased a batch of Lab.gruppen PLM Series amplifiers, as well as a number of Lake LM 44 processors.

The company’s inventory now includes 44 PLM 10000Qs, while the Lake LM 44s were brought in to act as replacements for the long-discontinued Dolby DLP units.

“We have used Lake Processing since 2003 when the guys with the Lake Contour came around,” said Bodo Felusch, Gahrens + Battermann’s chief sound technician. “From the very beginning it gave us the needed flexibility for different situations. The wireless connection to the PA means the system operator can wander the venue and tune the system from exactly where required…standing in front of a speaker is always the best place to take a decision.”

The launch of the Lab.gruppen PLM Series, which comes integrated with Lake Processing, also attracted the attention of Gahrens + Battermann, which runs a variety of EAW PA rigs.

“The PLM Series amplifiers are not only extremely reliable, but the integrated Lake software offers us a whole host of great functions that we can’t get from any other amplifier in one device," Felusch added.

With the Lake brand now under the stewardship of Lab.gruppen, the Lake LM Series stand-alone digital signal processor devices were designed to offer new levels of capability and flexibility compared to older hardware – another range that Gahrens + Battermann was keen to add to its supply.

“I´m glad that Lake has found a solid host with Lab.gruppen. It makes sense that a leading amplifier manufacturer will write its future history,” commented Felusch. “These days we use the LM 44 as replacement for the DLP, and one main function is FOH Dante break-in and input switching of two desks.

"Thanks to Iso-Float we no longer have problems with ground loop issues in analog wiring – an underestimated feature even in the digital days, when analog is used as a fallback option and must keep pace with Dante. Again, overall Lake processing increased the sound quality."

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