Major software upgrade for Calrec Audio consoles

Calrec Audio has rolled out a major software upgrade for its Bluefin2 console range.

The company’s Apollo and Artemis platforms now offer a new suite of features and enhancements.

One of these new features is designed to protect Hydra2 sources and destinations when addressed by several users across a network. Any user receiving a source can alter mic gain, phantom power (48v), or SRC using their own input controls, but they are prevented from making accidental changes that may affect other users receiving that same source. Users with connections to a Hydra2 destination are protected against other users’ unintentional changes to their connections. This protection scheme applies to direct control of sources and destinations, as well as bulk changes made through memory recalls.

The Mic Open Systems tool can be used to control external devices relative to the on-air status of a signal source. It can cut or dim the feed to a loudspeaker to avoid feedback or control relays for switching purposes, such as turning on "on air" lights. Five Mic Open Systems are available on the console.

The upgrade includes loudness meters to monitor and regulate average loudness levels over the duration of a program. Operators can freely assign 16 loudness meters to any source or output, which can be assigned to the console’s meter upstand.

The new release also offers Input 1 and 2 linking, which links the separate trim controls on each input. This capability allows users to adjust both Input 1 and Input 2 simultaneously, maintaining any offset between them.

A Replay feature enables easy switching between inputs 1 and 2 for a predetermined set of paths. This provides a simple way to play back multitrack content over the same fader paths used for recording. This is done by patching each live audio source to a path’s input 1 and the corresponding recording device output to the path’s input 2. All paths being used with the multitrack recorder are then added to the Replay Set, allowing their inputs to be switched between input 1 and 2 with a single press of a button.

Another addition, User Configurable Mode Layouts, are stored arrangements of modes on the surface panels. They are particularly useful if the arrangement of the surface layout has been changed, and the user needs to get back to a familiar state quickly. With this new feature, the layout can now be configured, stored, and recalled to the user’s specification with ease.

The software upgrade is available now, and is free for all Bluefin2 platform users.

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