Major UK railway stations adopt Ateis public address system

A number of rail projects being undertaken by Fourway Communication, including Kings Cross St Pancras, Reading and Paddington Underground Stations, are to adopt the Ateis IDA8 networked public address/voice alarm system.

This list of stations will join the ranks of a number of rail stations across the world which use PA systems developed by the PA/VA specialist. These include the TGV Rail line between Paris and Marseille in France, Hauptbahnhof station in the Swiss-city Zurich and the underground network in Nürnberg, Germany.

In addition, The IDA8 has already seen use at the legendary British F1 racetrack at Silverstone.

“The selection of a manufacturer of a safety critical system of this nature requires careful consideration,” explained Senior Design Manager at Fourway Communications, Richard Osborne. “In our evaluation process the Ateis IDA8 system was able to meet all the criteria of a fully compliant, robust, compact and easily maintainable system, whilst also providing a cost effective solution.”

The new IDA8 system brings a thoughtfully designed ‘one box’ PA/VA piece of technology for ‘safety critical’ environments. The system is infinitely configurable, easy to install and fully compliant.

It runs on open DSP software which will provide greater flexibility. In addition, it utilises IP connectivity and features an IP microphone in order to take full use of this connectivity. This will ensure that it will continue to optimally function in the digital era.

The system also includes an in-built voice announcement store. This allows venues to record an impressive 4 hours of pre-recorded announcements. What is more, all these recorded announcements can be easily accessed remotely using third-party interfaces.

It also offers remote diagnostic which ensures easy configuration and enhanced systems operations.

Ateis also provide extensive support throughout the installation process. As well as providing custom training and systems backup they also ensure that the PA/VA system is supplied rack mounted, configures and integrated to the highest standards by Fusion.

“The IDA8 is a unique product and sets a precedent for PA/VA solutions,” added Neil Voce, Managing Director at Ateis UK. “It’s full potential has not been explored fully and we hope to highlight many of its innovative features at Paddington’s new underground station.”