‘Make your voice heard’ over 700 MHz clearance, BEIRG urges

The British Entertainment Industry Radio Group (BEIRG) is alerting wireless equipment users to a new Financial Questionnaire issued by Ofcom aimed at those due to be affected by the clearance of the 700 MHz band.

Ofcom recently released a consultation document called Managing the effects of 700 MHz Clearance on PMSE and DTT viewers. The consultation was introduced to ascertain the possible level of funding that will be needed to compensate those whose equipment will be left fully or partially redundant after the 700 MHz band (694-790 MHz) is cleared of PMSE (Programme Making and Special Events) users.

According to BEIRG, while the UK government has not yet formally committed to a funding package, the fact that the questionnaire exists shows that a very real attempt is being undertaken by the government to try to establish how much money might be needed to compensate audio PMSE equipment users.

So far, £600 million has been allocated by the UK government for the 700 MHz clearance program as a whole – this includes changes affecting both PMSE and DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television).

BEIRG is strongly urging individuals or organisations whose equipment will be negatively impacted (rendered partly or fully redundant) by the 700 MHz band clearance to complete the questionnaire. The closing date is 13 May 2016.

Additionally, re-sellers of audio PMSE equipment that have sold 700 MHz capable equipment in the past are being asked to contact their customers to ensure they are aware of the questionnaire’s existence.

To read the consulation document and/or participate in the questionnaire, click here.