Marc Bertrand appointed managing director of Adamson Americas

Adamson Systems Engineering has appointed audio industry veteran Marc Bertrand to the role of managing director for Adamson Americas.

In his new role, Bertrand will lead sales growth and network expansion in both the touring and installation markets in North and South America.

Bertrand is a well-respected veteran of the North American pro audio industry. After over a decade with Tannoy North America, eventually serving as managing director for five years, Bertrand became the CEO of TC Group Americas, overseeing a catalogue of brands including Tannoy, TC Electronic, Lab.gruppen, Lake, and others. In this role, he created and led a very successful distribution network targeting the North American installation market and nearly doubled total sales during his stint.

Prior to accepting his new position with Adamson, Bertrand had already advised the company in a consultancy role and contributed to the company’s year-over-year growth as part of CETEC Group, the loudspeaker manufacturer¹s representative firm for the Canadian market.

“The Adamson brand has delivered exceptionally strong growth in all aspects over recent years. Adamson has always been synonymous with premium quality sound and is already a leading brand in countries like France and the Netherlands. My mandate, in concert with the complete Americas team, is to build on this performance and create the same benchmark sales and brand presence throughout the Americas," Bertrand commented. “I’m also very excited to be able to draw on the support of this dynamic and entrepreneurial management team at headquarters as well as the experience of our European and Asian teams.”

Further bolstering Adamson’s commitment to the US market, Bertrand has announced the addition of Steve Allen and Chris Weatherford to the Adamson Americas team.

Allen spent nearly 20 years working under Bertrand in various departments at TC Group Americas, most recently as head of its inside sales department. In his new role with Adamson, Allen will lead business development and act as a conduit between the inside and outside sales team in the Americas. Weatherford joins Adamson as part of the applications team for the Americas. He boasts years of experience as a systems tech, working with top international artists including Mumford & Sons and Lionel Richie.