Marina Theatre installs new HK Audio system

The Marina Theatre in Lowestoft, UK has upgraded its 800-capacity Edwardian auditorium with a HK Audio Elements Install system.

Karl Dunnett, technical manager for Marina Theatre, which is now also a Charitable Trust, said: “As part of the refurbishment process we wanted to replace our 20-year-old, wheelie bin-sized speaker cabinets. We wanted a system that not only sounded great but was small and compact enough that it would go almost unnoticed to the eye so as not to detract from the Edwardian features.”

The budget was very tight – amounting to less than £20,000 for a system that would cover both tiers of the auditorium, along with front fills and delays for the back of the Circle.

The HK Audio Elements Install system supplied by Chameleon Pro Audio & Lighting filled the criteria perfectly, according to Jeremy Munns, who specified the arrangement.

“The HK Elements system fit Marina Theatre’s brief ideally and the placement of the units keeps the sound image firmly on stage, but also gives a concert feel when driven harder,” he said.

The setup includes fourteen E435 enclosures – six covering the main Stalls (three per side, powered by the active E210 Sub AS subs), and eight covering the Circle (four per side, powered by an EA600 digital power amp module each side). Four E210 Sub AS subs underpin the system, and also in place are four HK Audio Installation Line IL 8.1s for Circle delays, as well as a further two for front fills all running off pre-existing theatre amplifiers.

Dunnett added: “I am really impressed with the HK Elements system. The installation kits made for a really quick and easy installation. The size of them meant we were able to place the speakers exactly were we needed them, plus the focus of the units themselves has eliminated some of the reflection issues we had with our old system.

"The system fills the space very evenly, and the tonal quality and clarity of the sound is maintained throughout the auditorium. So far, we have had very positive feedback both from the audience members and the visiting engineers who have used the system.”

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