Martin Audio Line Array loudspeakers

Innovative Line Array wins Martin Audio a Queens Award for Enterprise

Pro Audio specialist Martin Audio has been honoured with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its Wavefront Precision optimised line arrays. 

Now in its 55th year, the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are widely recognised as the most prestigious of business awards. Winning companies are able to use the Queen’s Awards emblem for the next five years.

The company, which employs over 60 people, is one of 205 organisations in the UK to be recognised with a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

The Wavefront Precision range of optimised line arrays was the first passive systems to be able to set the independent coverage goals for three key parameters: Audience Area, where sound distribution should be even with respect to volume and frequency response; Non-Audience Areas, where sound should not leak in to; and Hard Avoid Areas, where sound must not leak at all. 

With a peak SPL of 133dB, the WP Line Array is designed for live sound reinforcement and installations in theatres, concert halls and houses of worship. The arrays can be deployed as front-fill, delay or side-hang support for larger Wavefront Precision systems.

The technology within these systems is protected by granted UK patent. The full story behind this line array technology can be read here. Martin Audio Wavefront Precision Line Array models can be used in conjunction with Display 3, Martin Audio’s new 3D prediction software, to further finesse venue optimisation.

Martin Audio is currently celebrating its 50th year designing and manufacturing world class professional loudspeaker systems.

Martin Audio Managing Director, Dom Harter, said: “It’s an honour to win such a prestigious award and very fitting to do so in our 50th anniversary year. Wavefront Precision arrays have become our fastest ever selling line array format suitable for both install and live sound applications and the Queen’s Award for Enterprise underlines both its innovation and commercial success.”

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