Maserati on Metric Halo

Veteran mix engineer Tony Maserati has worked on albums for everyone form Lady Gaga to Notorious B.I.G. and recently completed three weeks of mixing for Beyoncé’s self-titled “surprise” release.

Here, the engineer talks about his choice of Metric Halo’s ChannelStrip, HaloVerb, and Multiband Dynamics plug-ins:

“The sound quality of Metric Halo’s classic plug-in, ChannelStrip, is what first caught my attention and made me aware of the company. I often see ChannelStrip on the sessions I get handed; in fact, several of Beyoncé’s tracks came in with it. ChannelStrip is still my go-to plug-in for routine and extreme equalisation and dynamics. There’s something psychologically appealing about having six EQ bands at the ready, and the presets get me where I need to be quickly.”

“I don’t have the time or patience to sit around and figure things out. Metric Halo’s GUIs are intuitive to understand, and the automation is simple and easy to work with. HaloVerb is a good example of a plug-in that sounds great and is easy to dig into with great results.”

Maserati explains that he has been using HaloVerb on guitars, vocals, and percussion and one of his new tricks is to run a dry signal through HaloVerb and then send HaloVerb’s output into a distortion box: “The stress of that sound is really interesting to me. Sometimes I’ll automate the send so that I get that stress only on certain notes. It’s great.”