Masque Sound upgrades to Sennheiser Digital 9000

Masque Sound, a major American sound reinforcement, installation and design company, has taken on Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 system.

Digital 9000 is Sennheiser’s newest and most advanced wireless audio solution.

Masque Sound has been providing Broadway and numerous large-scale touring productions, such as The Lion King, Mamma Mia! and The Phantom of the Opera with audio equipment for more than 75 years.

“There has been overwhelming demand among key designers and theatrical sound professionals to demo and use the Digital 9000 wireless system from Sennheiser,” said Masque Sound’s Scott Kalata. “We felt the Digital 9000 was an outstanding investment considering its quality and flexibility, especially as it relates to the upcoming frequency challenges our industry will be facing. We are very pleased to have such an innovative RF system in our possession and so far our clients are really looking forward to getting their hands on it.

“Today’s sound designers want audio content to sound as neutral and as realistic as possible. They clearly want to move away from the companding artifacts that are always present to some degree and can compromise analogue RF systems. The sonic difference between legacy and fully digital Sennheiser radios is night and day to even the casual listener.”

Sennheiser’s Digital 9000 offers completely uncompressed audio, artifact-free wireless performance and impressive dynamics, while making frequency coordination "nearly effortless," the firm says.

On Broadway, achieving a clean wireless signal is challenging due to the close proximity of TV and radio stations and other interference generating venues. However, Digital 9000 allows for seamless frequency coordination within congested environments: “We need to make sure everything is coordinated to work within the local RF environment,” Kalata continued. “On 44th or 45th street in Manhattan, there could be over a hundred radios working at once, so this can be a huge challenge. Our testing of the Digital 9000 showed that it is incredibly robust and immune to extraneous frequencies, whether they are analogue or digital.”

Since the early days, Masque Sound has always aimed to be one step ahead of client demand: “We were the first company to send a digital mixing console out on the road for a major musical tour back in the early 2000s – at that point, nobody had done anything on that scale,” Kalata concluded. “The Sennheiser Digital 9000 represents a similar innovation, so we felt was had to be involved with it very early on.”

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