Master Audio adds new three-way model to Joker series

Master Audio has expanded its Joker range of small-format loudspeaker systems with the active three-way JK318A cabinet.

Featuring a 1240 x 534 x 524mm footprint, it offers an 18-inch neodymium woofer with four-inch voice coil for solid low-end, a 12-inch neodymium woofer with three-inch voice coil for the mid range and a 1.75-inch PETP diaphragm neodymium driver for clear high frequencies, making it a true three–way speaker that reproduces the full acoustic spectrum from 35Hz to 19kHz, with a continuous output level of up to 132dB at one metre.

Described by the company as "the only ‘all-in-one’ loudspeaker on the market that concentrates this level of power and audio quality inside such modest dimensions," the JK318A allows the user to cover most live sound applications without the need for additional system components. The cabinet delivers 3,000 Watts (2,400W low plus 600W mid/high) of self-powered gain, after a very short setup time.

The JK318A’s amplifiers, with switching power supply, are matched to digital electronics featuring 48-bit DSP architecture and 24-bit/48kHz analog converters. In common with all Joker series systems, its customised transducers were developed to match the properties of the high quality plywood cabinet. This results in impressive low frequency control and mid-bass vocal performance, while the output of the HF driver remains unimpaired even at very high levels. Thanks to its asymmetrical horn, the JK318A offers a flexible dispersion pattern for plentiful coverage – both in the wide, short throw zone and the narrow, long throw zone.

The high-output, low-profile design of the JK318A makes it a very versatile loudspeaker, ideal for use on the road or in fixed installations, for which complementary EASE files are available, allowing visualisation of the system’s performance in any given space. The JK318A is suitable for various small to mid-size venues and its specification, in terms of performance, components and build quality is likely to appeal to both rental companies and private users, the firm says. The cabinet features a highly resistant Polyurea coating to protect it from impact damage and moisture during use, while the proprietary round grid pattern grille, fashioned from 1.5mm steel, provides heavy-duty protection to internal components while remaining acoustically transparent.

Master Audio CEO Juan Amate commented: "The JK318A represents a natural evolution of the classic ‘2 x 15’ that was commonplace during the ’80s and ’90s, but which doesn’t quite meet the full-frequency reproduction demanded from today’s small-format PA. Of course, this need can still be served by a passive two-way system with external amps, electronics and sub, but we’ve taken all this power and more, squeezed it into a single, compact and lightweight cabinet, and tailored each and every component so it works in perfect harmony with the next – it really is something to see and hear.”

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