Mastering engineer Katie Tavini praises Audient’s iD22 interface

Mastering engineer Katie Tavini was the lucky winner of an iD22 USB audio interface in Audient’s product giveaway last month.

Tavini was due to record some audio for the Working Class Audio podcast and her usual interface had been playing up, so the arrival of the iD22 was very timely.

“I just plugged in the iD22 and had instant sound!” exclaimed Tavini. “It was so easy to use, and so many people have now listened to the podcast and commented on how good the audio sounds! Which is amazing!

“It’s so good that it’s now completely replaced my other interface. It’s way more user friendly, easy to use, and the best part is that it doesn’t take up any of my rack space, it just sits right in the middle of my desk looking awesome.”

When not carrying out mastering engineer duties, Tavini is an active champion of women in the audio industry, most recently taking part in Red Bull Studios’ #NormalNotNovelty workshops for aspiring female producers, DJs and sound engineers at any level.

“The volume knob is possibly my favourite part, I’ve been without one for so long since I got rid of my mixing console,” said Tavini, when asked what she loves about her Audient iD22. “Even if I’m mastering a project entirely ITB (rare but it happens) it makes my workflow feel more analogue. Hard to explain, but there’s something so satisfying about having a huge volume knob!

“Also, the converters sound much nicer than my other interface. Don’t ask me why – they just do,” she concluded. “So thank you so much for my interface, I super love it!”

Katie Tavini also wrote a piece for the November issue of AMI where she shares her views on the importance of supporting other members of the pro audio community.