MC? E100 amplifier now shipping

British manufacturer MC²Audio has announced that its E100 amplifier is now shipping.

Initially shown as a preview product at the 2011 ProLight & Sound show in Frankfurt, Germany, the four-channel amplifier is the flagship of the company’s E series. The official launch marks not only the company’s most powerful four-channel amplifier, but also the first four-channel proprietary class-D switched mode amplifier to be developed by MC².

Designed to deliver over 2,500W into four ohms with all channels driven from a 2U, 11.8kg chassis, the E100 utilises a variety of proprietary technologies. These include a Hybrid Dual Loop Feedback system (HDLF) for load independent, accurate audio reproduction; a high performance Active Energy Steering Circuit (AESC); custom drive circuitry and magnetic components to provide high power, low impedance operation.

Also featured is a new Power Reduction Circuit (PRC), which acts as a power control limiter on each channel and main power supply. The function of these circuits is to distribute the available capacity of the main power supply across the four channels. Each channel has a timed current limit and an immediate current limit – allowing each channel to deliver maximum power within a defined ‘window’. Should the demand of all four channels exceed the maximum capacity of the main power supply (or mains feed) then timed limits or immediate power limits are applied to all channels by the main power supply.

The feature set is completed with optional gain settings of 26, 32 and 36dB on each channel – user selectable by an internal jumper setting – rear panel Channel Link switches, Neutrik XLR female connector inputs and Neutrik Speakon 4-pole outputs and a captive mains cable. An optional four channel EQ/X-over Board is also available.