McDSP launches SA-2 Dialog Processor

McDSP has begun shipping the SA-2, a new Dialog Processor based on hardware originally conceived by Academy Award winning re-recording mixer Mike Minkler and used on over 100 major motion pictures.

The SA-2 is designed to improve the overall sound of recorded speech, but is not just for dialogue; it is also a useful tool for adjusting the timbre of any track, a can be deployed as a de-esser or multi-frequency compressor.

The Processor is made up of five bands of active equalisation, configured in a variety of modes to best address common issues of dialogue. Each band has a threshold control to determine at what signal level the active equaliser begins to effect the signal, and there are also enable buttons for each band to quickly audition the effect of any given band.

Two mode selectors – one for controlling the ballistics of the active equalisation and a second for placing the five bands at strategic locations in the frequency spectrum – are included as well. Finally, there are input and output gain controls for overall adjustment.

Other features include:

• Unique signal reduction metering

• Double precision processing

• Ultra low latency

• Mono and stereo versions

All current McDSP Everything Pack v6 owners can acquire the SA-2 for free, simply by downloading the latest installer from the McDSP website. If purchasing individually, the SA-2 HD will be available for $249, with the SA-2 Native costing $149.