Medusa Recording Institute opening in Ohio next month

The new Medusa Recording Institute in Youngstown, Ohio will open its doors to students in January with an Audient ASP8024 at its core.

Also a commercial studio, Medusa was set up by Will Ferraro, and provides fast-track audio and recording courses for students seeking entry-level positions in the industry.

The facility consists of four control rooms originally designed for the production of world-class recordings, according to Ferraro.

“I was searching for a maintenance free, sonically clean, analogue recording console,” said Ferraro when asked about the choice of console, which was supplied by Full Compass. “The Audient is a perfect fit for Medusa. The layout is simple and it is the perfect console to teach signal flow to entry-level audio engineers. It handles anything we throw at it with ease. The mic pre amps are clean and transparent with plenty of headroom, the EQ section is very sweet, and the two bus compression is awesome.

“The console is interfaced with an Endless Analog CLASP system. The studio recorder of choice is a vintage Studer 24-track two-inch tape machine. The digital audio workstation of choice is a ProTools HDX system, with a full complement of plug-ins running ProTools 11 software.”

Students work their way through each of the four studios as part of the six-week accelerated audio recording programme. In the ‘Jam Room’ they learn about the basics of signal flow, then move on to tracking and editing in ‘Studio Down’ and master the ‘Mastering Room’ before finally gaining access to ‘Studio Proper’, where the 36-channel ASP8024 with Dual Layer Control and patchbay is situated.

“The major focus of Medusa Recording Institute is to cut to the chase and bring hands on experience, through an accelerated program designed to turn out the best audio engineers in the field. We can do this in months, not years,” Ferraro concluded.

Medusa is celebrating its launch with an open day on December 28th 2013.

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