MeldaProduction unveils MDrumReplacer plug-in

MeldaProduction has announced the availability of MDrumReplacer — a new plug-in with a drum-detecting algorithm and an array of multilayer samples.

With MDrumReplacer, no drum recording is gone for good. No matter if it was suffering from poorly-positioned microphones or the sound of the entire drum kit is, in retrospect, simply not up to scratch or even to taste, MDrumReplacer fixes flaws in a matter of seconds.

MDrumReplacer’s powerful drum-hit detector finds the hits to be replaced in both single instrument recordings and even mixed drum sessions with minimum user intervention. It is equipped with advanced analysis technology that examines the audio material to identify the most prominent frequencies and sets the resonators accordingly, then users can audition just the filtered signal with the ‘listen’ feature so that they can easily adjust the filters to set them as precisely as possible.

Ultimately, users can completely replace drum hits or get creatively effective by blending the original sound with the selected sample.

MeldaProduction’s new plug-in uses fast algorithms, takes advantage of the newest processor capabilities, and shares those resources with other MeldaProduction plug-ins.

MeldaProduction’s MDrumReplacer plug-in is available now.