Melrose Yard Studios proceeds with flood cleanup

A recording studio affected by the extensive flooding in the North of England has shared its nightmare story as the clean-up from the flooding continues.

Melrose Yard Studios in Walmgate, York was set up by Sam Holdstock seven years ago and has estimated losses encompassing equipment and flooring damage worth £20,000. To make matters worse, Holdstock’s insurance company has informed him that he would be ineligible for a payout due to a clause in his policy.

Holdstock told the York Press: "We’ve lost guitar amps, drum kits and the rebuilding is the biggest loss because the soundproof construction is very costly.

"I became a dad eight weeks ago and I’ve a young family to support and we work really hard. I only get two or three weeks off a year and this was part of that break, it’s just devastating to be away from my family at this point. The amount of support we’ve had has been incredible though."

After learning about the situation, Holdstock’s sister-in-law Fiona Hinchey set up a crowdfunding page to help get the studio – where bands including The Enemy and Halo Blind have rehearsed – up and running again.

“This property was never previously a flood risk and the flooding was a direct result of the decision to lift the Foss barrier,” Hinchey explained on the crowdfunding page. “As we had no warning this made the impact even more devastating and what is more we do not yet know what will be covered by insurance.”

The fund has already raised more than £4,000, and Holdstock said he was amazed at the generosity of the public, and those who have helped him clear two skips full of damaged items and tear up the wooden floors of the soundproofed studios in the last three days. The money will be put towards having the studio professionally dried and dehumidified and replacing the flooring, skirting, damaged equipment, electrics, cabling and doors.