Merging part of Sochi 2014

The equipment list for Sochi for NBC Olympics included three Merging Ovations and three Horus’.

The Ovation/Horus set is connected to the Calrec Artemis consoles via AES/EBU, with the dedicated keyboard controller located next to the console surface. The Primetime show’s theme music is cued on Ovation with a live voiceover channel and ‘bumpers’ in and out of the commercial breaks. Any stings or highlight music cues are also pre-configured in Ovation and fired from the keypad when needed.

Dennis Gaines from Independent Audio, Merging’s US distributor was included in the crew for the International Broadcast Centre. His role was to train the freelance operators on the programming and operation of Ovation as well as checking that the installation was all correct and fully operational.

Merging resellers for Russia, Avallon supplied the audio installation for the main Fischt Arena where the opening ceremony took place. Horus units were deployed to handle additional input signals and routing between the different systems. In this case, Horus was connected to the Stagetec Nexus via MADI and the Stagetec Auratus-24 controlled the audio. This was the first Horus installation made by the Avallon engineers.