MeterPlugs releases Dynameter plug-in

MeterPlugs, the company behind last year’s award-winning Perception plug-in has announced its new Dynameter product.

The new plug-in shows a real-time display of the music’s dynamics, either beat by beat, or over a whole song or album. According to MeterPlugs, the plugin helps to achieve competitive dynamics and consistent playback volume across online streaming services, measuring dynamics using PSR (Peak to Short-Term Loudness Ratio), which is based on the ITU loudness standard, displaying it via a unique history graph and allowing users to choose their own "dynamics target" for their music.

Dynameter was designed by mastering engineer Ian Shepherd, who runs the popular Production Advice website and founded Dynamic Range Day.

"I’ve found over the years that PSR is a really great way of assessing the dynamics of your music and helping you find the perfect balance between loudness and dynamics," said Shepherd.

"People are telling us they love Dynameter," added Ian Kerr of MeterPlugs. "It’s very easy to use. Just choose a PSR target and keep the history graph from dipping below it. You can compare your music to all of your favourites, and it becomes really addictive!"