Meyer Sound continues to deliver at Telluride Film Festival

The Telluride Film Festival in Colorado will once again showcase a complete Meyer Sound 7.1 cinema sound system in its Werner Herzog Theatre.

Transformed from an ice-staking rink for the festival, the 650-seat Werner Herzog Theatre – named after the renowned German film director – features a custom-designed 7.1 surround Meyer Sound system anchored by three Acheron 100 screen channel loudspeakers, each paired with an Acheron LF screen channel loudspeaker. Dolby 7.1 surround sound is provided by 22 HMS-12 cinema surround loudspeakers, controlled low end is provided by 10 X-800C studio subwoofers, and the entire system is driven and aligned by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with three Galileo 616 processors.

For presentations, panels, and commentaries accompanying the screenings, the theatre deploys two UPQ-1P loudspeakers and a Galileo loudspeaker management system with one Galileo 408 processor.

Scheduled for 4 – 7 September, the 2015 festival will be the fifth year that the two Bay Area organisations have partnered.

“Part of the Telluride magic is that we offer extraordinarily special film experiences on all fronts – from the initial curation, to the visual projection, to the experience of sound,” said Julie Huntsinger, Telluride Film Festival executive director. “John Meyer is a true visionary in the sound world, and Meyer Sound’s valued partnership with our festival demonstrates the commitment of both organizations to providing the absolute best for our audiences.”

John Meyer commented: “With Acheron, we are now able to offer the cinema audience the aural equivalent to a 4K visual. More and more, film audiences are starting to realise that sound matters. Though the importance of sound in film has long lagged behind the visual, Telluride’s Werner Herzog Theatre offers a rare opportunity for fans and stars to truly experience film as the director and sound artists intended. It is an honour to showcase our cinema technology to such a discerning audience.”