Meyer Sound granted first patent on breakthrough studio monitor technology

Meyer Sound has been awarded a US patent on proprietary digital technologies for its Bluehorn loudspeaker product.

The patent recognises the Bluehorn System’s ability to reproduce complex musical signals with flat frequency and phase response across the full audio bandwidth.

It has been described by the company as ‘an unprecedented achievement in high-power studio monitors’.

Meyer Sound CEO John Meyer continued: ”This patent award covers the unique digital technology at the heart of the Bluehorn System, and underscores why it has become such an important tool for audio professionals.

“Some studio monitors may flatter the programme content with potentially pleasing colourations generated in part by phase anomalies, but that is only misleading to the mixing engineer. The Bluehorn System is absolutely true to the input signal, and it retains the same precise phase linearity from a delicate whisper up the highest listening levels that would be prudent for even short-term monitoring.”

The new patent, number 9,992,573 B1, is formally titled, ’Phase inversion filter for correcting low frequency phase distortion in a loudspeaker system’. The award document outlines the digital signal processing techniques involved in cancelling out the phase anomalies inherent in all loudspeaker systems due to the physical mass of the loudspeaker drivers and resonance of the loudspeaker enclosures. The patented technology has been engineered to restore the original phase relationships, even at the lowest audio octaves, by applying an inverted phase response.

The patented filter algorithms are hosted in a dedicated hardware processor placed in front of both the two-way, mid-high loudspeaker and the separate low-frequency loudspeaker. The system-specific correction algorithms hosted by the processor were developed by meticulously analysing all physical and electrical non-linearities throughout the entire system, from 25 Hz to 20 kHz, in order to bring acoustic output – at any level – into phase and frequency alignment with the input signal. Essentially, the digital processing nullifies the non-linearities of drivers and enclosures, resulting in a phase-coherent response previously achieved only by open-air electrostatic headphones with their extremely low mass diaphragms.

Complete Bluehorn Systems are available in either stereo or LCR configurations, with each channel comprising a two-way mid-high loudspeaker, a separate low frequency element, and the dedicated digital processing.