Meyer Sound launches new self-powered stage monitor

Meyer Sound has strengthened its line-up of on-stage solutions with a new self-powered stage monitor, the MJF-210.

The new model is now the lightest stage monitor in the manufacturer’s product range, and offers a level of sonic performance similar to the MJF-212A monitor, which has been used by Metallica, Usher, Judas Priest, and Michael Bublé.

“The MJF-210 started with a customer’s request to bring the intelligibility and power of the MJF-212A into a more production-friendly package,” said Pablo Espinosa, chief loudspeaker designer and vice president of R&D at Meyer Sound. “The end result is a product that reflects users’ needs in the field, and its small footprint also offers more flexibility in bringing the myriad self-powered advantages to the stage.”

It features a low-profile design and an impressive power-to-size ratio, as well as very low distortion. Each unit is under 14 inches high, and weighs 67 pounds. The MJF-210 also provides the sonic and practical advantages of a self-powered system, including reliability, low distortion, and ease of setup and configuration. Featuring an amplifier built into the cabinet, the new monitor eliminates the need for amplifier racks, therefore saving space.

The front of the MJF-210 slopes at an optimal 40 degrees from the stage, while the "exceptionally well-behaved" constant directivity horn (50° H x 70° V) allows the performer to move around on stage more freely, while staying within the wide vertical coverage. The drivers are powered by a three-channel class D amplifier.

For real-time monitoring of loudspeaker parameters, the MJF-210 can be integrated into the Compass RMS remote monitoring system via the optional RMS module. Compass RMS features the RMServer – a purpose-built network hardware that communicates loudspeaker performance data over Ethernet and twisted-pair networks – and can be controlled through the Compass software.

For applications with higher power requirements, the MJF-212A stage monitor is still available.

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