Meyer Sound LEO supports Iron Maiden on world tour

A Meyer Sound LEO loudspeaker system is being used to power iconic British metal band Iron Maiden’s “Book of Souls World Tour.”

The group’s high-octane performances have been filling arenas around the world since the six-month, 35-country tour began in February. FOH engineer Martin Walker chose the LEO family to ensure ‘maximum power and clarity’ for Iron Maiden after mixing Judas Priest’s 2014-2015 world tour on the system.

“LEO’s clarity and headroom help out a great deal when it comes to balancing the mix,” reported Walker. “Iron Maiden has three guitars, vocals, and occasional keyboards all vying for the same frequency bands in the mix. With LEO, the clarity cuts right through. That also allows me to mix louder than before.”

For North American shows in “A-level” arenas of 15,000–20,000 capacity, a typical system configuration comprises dual hangs of 14 LEO-M over four LYON linear line array loudspeakers, 18 1100-LFC elements in a cardioid configuration and a centre stack of four 700-HP subwoofers.

Outfill hangs are 15 LYON loudspeakers each, and twin arrays of six-each LEOPARD line array loudspeakers cover the rear stage. Various fills of UPA-1P, MSL-4, and JM-1P arrayable loudspeakers are often included to suit the venue. A Galileo Callisto loudspeaker management system with one Galileo Callisto 616 AES and six Galileo Callisto 616 array processors supplies drive and optimisation.

Walker noted that the band has been pleased with audience reactions to the sound, and appreciates the directed sound of the 1100-LFC low-frequency control elements. “The band doesn’t like to be soaked by sub-bass bleed back on the stage, and the low-end control I get from the 1100s takes care of that neatly,” he said. “Out front, management has also noticed a difference this time out. They recently remarked to me, ‘I don’t know what this new rig is, but I love it.’”

The system is supplied by UK-based Major Tom, with additional equipment support from Atkinson, New Hampshire-based Rainbow Production Services.

The engineer added that Iron Maiden’s rider specifies a LEO family system as top preference worldwide, but on other legs of the tour the actual system used may be determined by availability, promoter preference, or a festival system already in place.