Meyer Sound provides power and flexibility for Copenhagen venue

Danish celebrity chef Claus Meyer has opened The Standard, a new restaurant in Copenhagen equipped with Meyer Sound UltraSeries speakers.

The venue – also a jazz club – features a compact, self-powered system installed by Kastrup-based Stouenborg.

“The Standard has a small, powerful, and flexible system that offers excellent dispersion and reproduces sound perfectly,” said Anders Jørgensen, project manager and sound designer for Stouenborg.

The audio arrangement at the 68-seat club includes two UPJ-1P VariO and three UPM-1P speakers, along with one UMS-1P subwoofer.

Performances are mixed on a Roland V-Mixer desk, and musicians use DPA mics.

“We considered a number of options, but the combination of UPJ-1P and UPM-1P loudspeakers best provided the necessary audio fidelity and visual unobtrusiveness,” added Jørgensen. “The challenge was to ensure a pristine sound with no coloration, and the UPJ-1Ps have been really terrific in this regard.”

The Standard is also able to stream its performances via HD webcasts.

Claus Meyer is co-founder of Noma, a two-Michelin-star restaurant in the Danish capital that was named best in the world three years in a row by Restaurant magazine.

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