Meyer Sound unveils new 1100-LFC loudspeaker

Meyer Sound, who have been at the forefront of low-frequency pattern control technology has announced the 1100-LFC low-frequency control element, a new self-powered loudspeaker defined by its sonic linearity in reproducing the operating range of 28 Hz to 100 Hz.

The ultralow distortion, coupled with exceptional headroom and optimized rigging options, makes the 1100-LFC a flexible tool for low-end directional applications for large-scale tours and installations.

John Meyer, CEO of Meyer Sound spoke about the importance of subwoofers in this industry. “As an industry, we are accustomed to subwoofers carrying a distinct harmonic tone. This ‘sound’ of any subwoofer becomes part of how a product is evaluated,” he said. “Linear loudspeakers lack this enhancement, and are measured by their ability to precisely reproduce the electronic signals without altering the sonic characteristics. Bringing Meyer Sound’s linear technology and our advances in loudspeaker headroom and peak level control to the low-frequency domain makes the 1100-LFC quite an exciting direction for us.”

He continued on to say, “Only when the signal that goes into a loudspeaker is identical to the output signal can you accurately predict, control, and measure the coverage pattern of a multi-element soundsystem.”

In creating the 1100-LFC, Meyer Sound has pushed the engineering boundaries of low-frequency linearity with a number of advances. The high peak power output enables excellent transient reproduction and low-frequency clarity at extreme operating levels. The new 1100-LFC cabinet is designed to minimize turbulence noise, enabling the system to effortlessly reproduce any programming material with unprecedented clarity and stability in applications that range from large tours to installations in stadiums, arenas, concert halls, and more.

“For those who have worked to keep obtrusive low-frequency energy away from the stage, walls, and neighbourhoods, MAPP Online Pro has been great for us to virtually experiment different design concepts,” said Luke Jenks, Meyer Sound’s product manager. “The 1100-LFC completes this picture as a tool that allows us to control the low-end coverage pattern in a large-scale powerful and high-fidelity system like never before. With this technology and working closely with our customers, we can further our imagination in low-end directivity system design to ensure music is heard exactly as the artists intend.”