Michael Bohlin returns to Genelec as international sales manager

Finnish monitor manufacturer Genelec has announced the return of Michael Bohlin to the company as its international sales manager.

A well known figure in the European pro audio industry, Bohlin will be based in Stockholm and report to international sales director Ole Jensen.

He will be responsible for the development and support of distributor, dealer and key user networks for Genelec’s professional monitoring segment within Europe.

Bohlin began his pro audio career in 1994, working with Studioteknik, the Swedish Genelec distributor, as the brand’s national representative. In later years, he enjoyed a long and successful stint with Avid, for whom he managed sales within the Nordic territories.

“Two of the first people I met were Genelec’s Lars-Olof Janflod and Studioteknik’s Jarmo Masko – now with Genelec himself – so that was the beginning of some very influential relationships,” Bohlin explained.

He has likened his return to the Genelec brand to “putting the band back together – going back to a brand that I felt honoured to work with two decades ago and that I still truly love. Joining Genelec feels a little like closing a circle. The company has very specific values that I haven’t seen often in my career, but which I value very highly – especially the commitment to sustainability. It feels like everyone in the company feels the same way, with the same priorities and the same shared values. I think that’s amazing, I haven’t seen it before.”

“This year, Genelec reaches its 40th birthday – an incredible achievement,” added Bohlin. “At the same time, the market is changing rapidly, and Genelec continues to discover new ways to evolve and grow. It feels great to be part of that again.”

Michael Bohlin can be contacted at michael.bohlin@genelec.com