Midas PRO6s chosen for premier Middle East casino

Dubai-based NMK Electronics has supplied Casino du Liban, one of the region’s premier casinos, with two Midas PRO6 mixing consoles.

Tony Khoury, the casino’s chief sound engineer since 1996, received his first PRO6 system in 2009 for the 1,800-capacity theatre space. “I chose the PRO6 then because I couldn’t find the right warmth of sound in any other digital desk,” stated Khoury. “The Midas pre amps in the PRO6 provide really effective power and quality. I also found the PRO6 so easy to use; you can get to any zone really fast – it feels like I am working on one of the Midas analogue consoles, like a Heritage 3000."

So impressed was Khoury with the performance of his first PRO6 that when it came to upgrading the sound system in the venue’s dining and entertainment space – the 600-capacity La Salle Des Ambassadeurs – there was only one solution in mind.

La Salle Des Ambassadeurs now features two PRO6 systems; one for FOH and one for monitors. A DL431 mic splitter has been added to the monitor system, while both monitor and FOH consoles have DSP engines, DL252 digital snakes to optimise mic audio and a DL451 audio system modular I/O with both analogue and digital cards to maximise flexibility.

“Having had the PRO6 in the theatre for three years, I insisted on MIDAS again,” said Khoury. “I am very satisfied with the PRO6 and I am happy to be the only sound engineer in Lebanon to have three in one place.”

Having now mixed a vast array of eclectic shows with the PRO6s, Khoury was also keen to emphasise the flexibility of the console. “I’ve used almost all the effects and dynamics, I like the channel inputs and the EQ is very precise and sensitive,” he commented. “The choice of four compressors on each input channel provides nice gain reduction and the gate is also very helpful where there are many instruments miked up. I also like the Klark Teknik graphic EQ and delay effects.”

Chicco Hiranandani, NMK business development manager, also added: “I had a great time working together with Tony on the recent upgrade of the Salle des Ambassadors at the casino. It is always enjoyable working with individuals who share the same kind of intensity or passion for what they do. I am sure that patrons of the casino will experience a spectacular show or event with the new equipment at the venue."

Midas brand development manager Richard Ferriday concluded: “We are delighted that Casino Du Liban are continuing their investment in Midas, and our new competitive pricing now makes that even easier. Another important consideration is that the PR06 is a modular, upgradable system, which means that the casino has the option to upgrade to full 88 input PR09 capacity if their requirements increase in the future.”

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