Midas used for South Africa?s newest music festival

Johannesburg-based company Prosound has supplied the recent In The City festival with networked digital Midas PRO2 and PRO9 live audio consoles.

“The network comprised the PR09 at FOH with a DL451 for pre and post show DJ inputs and for remote feeds to the delay towers,” says Prosound’s system designer and engineer for the show, Mark Malherbe.

“Onstage and linked to the Pro9/DL371 were the DL351 and 2 DL251 stage boxes and the PRO2. This meant that everything could be pre patched and the band changeovers, in terms of inputs, was a simple scene change on the consoles. The entire event ran smoothly from start to finish.”

More than 10,000 people attended the first ever In The City concert and the event was headlined by British rock band, BLOC Party.

“I’ve got to say the Midas PRO9 console blew me away. We didn’t have long to set up so it was kind of a chuck up mix and I can safely say that the MIDAS desk saved the show for me.” Says BLOC Party’s FOH engineer Dan Macbean.

“Everything had that lovely Midas analogue sound straight away, which I’d kind of forgotten about using a plethora of other digital boards. It felt a bit like coming home and from then on the gig was a joy to mix.”

Staged in the city’s Mary Fitzgerald Square, In The City aims to revitalise Newtown as the cultural precinct of inner city Johannesburg.