Mike Thorne’s Rimshot Studio bolsters mic pre arsenal with Audient ASP800

Rimshot Productions recording studio has welcomed in 2018 with a newly-acquired ASP800 8-channel microphone preamplifier to go alongside its 1960s valve Decca recording console and SSL AWS900+ mixing console.

Describing the Audient mic pres, studio manager Mike Thorne said, “They offer loads of headroom, capture transients really well and are very pleasing on a wide range of sources.”

He highlights the unit’s retro channels in particular, which feature two variable harmonic colour controls per channel: ‘HMX & IRON’. “I really enjoy using them on overheads and vocals as they have a weight of sound to them that I love.”

As a fan of combining vintage with modern gear, Thorne often makes use of a Studer A827 2-inch tape machine and ProTools HDX with Burl converters, “A lot of sessions start on tape and move to the computer for overdubs and mixing. It can be a great way to work and offers the best of both worlds,” he explained. “Recording to tape brings with it a certain discipline – if the artist wants to re-record a part, they know we’ll be erasing what they’ve already done – it helps musicians step-up and give their best because they know there aren’t unlimited playlists!”

Thorne says he has lots in the pipeline for the Kent-based studio this year, and has just finished mixing a live album for blues artist, Roger Hubbard. He concluded: “Another recording session I’m looking forward to is with drummer Andy Newmark (John Lennon, Sly Stone) and bass player Jim Leverton (Steve Marriott, Caravan). It’ll be the band live in the room with live vocals and probably lots of first or early takes – should be an exciting one!”

Check out Mike Thorne’s opinion piece that appeared in a recent issue of Audio Media International, in which he explains why using a combination of vintage and modern gear can be great for your music.