Miloco now supplying Custom Series 75 consoles in UK

Miloco Gear is the new UK distributor for Custom Series 75 consoles.

Custom made in California by Burbank Audio, the Series 75 has been designed with the aim of being ‘the sonically purest analogue console in the world,’ achieved by utilising analogue Neve technology such as the 1081 and 1073 Class A mic pre and EQ and 2254 compressors.

Classic Neve circuitry has been ‘painstakingly re-created’, keeping faithful to the original ways while taking advantage of modern assembly methods. According to Miloco, the original circuits have only been changed where justified by an improvement in reliability or performance.

Available in a 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, 56 or 64-module chassis, the Series 75 is able to suit a variety of studio applications from broadcast to music and even film production.

Two 2254 compressors, four stereo reverb returns, eight recallable scenes, monitoring of up to 12 sources simultaneously and comprehensive 7.1 monitoring are just some of the features found in the console. Gold plated switches and connectors have been used for all audio circuits, and all parts have been selected on their projected availability many years from now. Ergonomic design allows the engineer to reach any parameter on the board from a seated position (up to 32 channels), making it a comfortable workstation for long sessions and flexible for multiple practical and creative applications.

Each console is made to the client’s exact specification for trim and look and options include built-in centre DAW sections and hand-built patch bays.

Miloco has just finished installing a 24-channel Custom Series 75 at Livingston Studio 2 in North London (pictured), which hosted a launch event last week to celebrate the completion of the upgrade.

Livingston Studio 2 – "a great option for tracking bands on a restricted budget with a high level specification," Miloco says – also now features a Pro Tools HDX rig (With UAD card), a Studer A80 2in machine and Augspurger Duo-8 Monitors, with a broad selection of backline, outboard and microphones.

As well as the introduction of the new console and monitors, Livingston’s live rooms have been cosmetically updated with new fabric throughout and the main live room now offers some additional diffusors. All the lighting has been updated to Philips Hue, allowing the artists to set the vibe from any shade of white to any colour they want in any room.