Miloco partners with Paris studio

Miloco Studios has formed a new partnership with Question De Son, a professional recording, mixing and writing complex in the centre of Paris.

The facility was set up by Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol. According to Miloco, Question De Son offers an equipment line-up to rival the best studios in France equipment, as well as "outstanding" acoustics.

Studio A is home to a large live room. Question De Son is also proud of its backline list, which includes a range of electric and bass guitars, amplifiers, pedals, a DW drum kit, Yamaha C3 Baby Grand piano and a selection of vintage keyboards, including a Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond B3.

This range of instruments is complemented by a wide array of microphones, as well as a Studer 2” Tape Machine. Studio A’s control room is centred around a Neve VR console, plenty of outboard and custom TA monitoring.

An SSL 4048G+ console can be found in Studio B, which features the same custom TA monitors as Studio A, along with more high-quality outboard gear and a 5.1 monitoring system with Martinsound MultiMAX surround controller. The isolation booth adjacent to the control room is ideal for vocal, guitar and keys overdubs.

Studio C is primarily a writing and editing room, but was designed with as much attention-to-detail as the other two studios, and can be used for all of projects. It offers the same booth as studio B.

"With excellent equipment and acoustics this studio was my base whilst making the new Babyshambles album and it delivered on all fronts," said producer Stephen Street. "Packed with an impressive array of microphones and instruments, QDS was an inspiring place to work. The staff were extremely friendly and efficient and I can’t wait to go back and work there again."

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