Miloco partners with Question De Son

Miloco has announced a new partnership with Question De Son, a recording, mixing and writing complex in central Paris. Question De Son is the creation of Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol whose no-compromise ethos has resulted in an amazing choice of facilities. It houses one of France’s very best equipment collections and each of its three studios boast outstanding acoustics.

Its flagship room, Studio A, features a very large stone and wood live room that is great for live recording sessions. Its back line is extremely impressive, with many guitars, bass guitars, amplifiers and pedals, a DW drum kit, Yamaha C3 Baby Grand piano and many other vintage keyboards including a Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hammond B3. This selection of instruments is complemented by countless microphones, and there is a Studer two-inch Tape Machine for all tape enthusiasts to record to. The control room in Studio A is built around a Neve VR console, stacks of outboard and custom TA monitoring, making Studio A an equally impressive mix room as it is a tracking space. View Studio A’s full equipment spec here.

The SSL mixing alternative is Studio B, which houses an SSL 4048G+ console and has the same custom TA monitors as Studio A. There is an amazing collection of outboard as well as a 5.1 monitoring system with a Martinsound MultiMAX surround controller. The iso booth next to the control room allows for vocal, guitar and keys overdubs. You can view Studio B’s equipment spec here.

Studio C is mainly a writing and editing room, however it has been designed with as much attention to detail as A and B and serves as an excellent room for all kinds of projects. Studio C shares the same booth as studio B, so it is great for recording vocals and other overdubs.