Miloco Studios presents The Pool Recording Studio

This September, Miloco Studios and Ben Hillier announced that Johan Ekelund has joined their long-standing partnership at The Pool Recording Studio at Miloco’s main London premesis.

Ekelund, producer and co-founder of Kobalt Music Group, is supplying a huge collection of outboard, which joins an extremely high-end equipment spec. The addition of such a collection looks set to push the Pool into the ranks of some of the UK’s top tracking studios.

“Johan has brought a portion of his amazing gear collection to the Pool and helped us enhance the studio yet again. An already unique tracking room has now been pushed to another level with a plethora of sought-after vintage gear. We now have a great sounding studio, an even better equipment spec, and a very special vibe. The Pool is the perfect London tracking studio,” commented Nick Young, managing director of Miloco Studios.

Hillier also added: “The new additions to the spec list are fantastic. Even more mic pre’s, a very broad selection of EQs and classic compressors and some of the best vintage effect units. I think Johan’s got a worse gear habit than me! It’s great to have him join in with The Pool.”

The Pool offers a substantial live area, a control room and drum booth designed to provide optimum sound quality. There are over 40 different microphones and a backline spec including three drum kits, several analogue synths, guitars, bass guitars, pedals, amplifiers, and a Yamaha Baby Grand Piano. The control room now provides over 50 Mic Pres and EQs, including the addition of 18 vintage Neve Mic Pre’s (9 x 1079s) which joins the EMT console and a monitoring selection of Genelec, Yamaha, Auratone and Tannoys. Protools HD3, loaded with many plug-ins, comes as standard.

Ekelund concluded: "Having spent years sourcing the most musical sounding gear ever produced, I have now partnered Miloco and Ben Hillier, who have created the ultimate studio and the ideal environment for the equipment to live in."