Mississippi church installs Electro-Voice loudspeakers and monitors

A Mississippi Baptist church has installed loudspeakers and monitors from Minnesota-based pro audio manufacturer, Electro-Voice.

The First Baptist Church of Florence—30 minutes south of Mississipi state capital, Jackson—installed the Electro-Voice tech after calling in Tennessee-based A/V engineers Elite Multimedia after receiving a positive referral from another Mississipi church which had been a long-term customer of Elite.

Elite met with the church’s Minister and audio technician to discuss the audio system needs of the attractive church in the Rankin County town of Florence which has a population of nearly 2,500.

The previous audio system installed in the Main Street church consisted of a small number of mid-range boxes as well as far/near horns. Unfortunately, this system only covered the main floor and provided little in the way of audio coverage to the balcony space.

After much thought two options were considered by those involved. The first option was a conventional box system. This would include delays for the balcony area. The second option was a line array system.

Elite suggested that—given the location of the baptistery and video screen—the conventional box system approach was pursued as this would ensure that the sight lines were not disturbed.

Elite installed two main loudspeaker arrays with front fills. The main seating area was covered by a combination of four Electro-Voice EVF main loudspeakers and two Electro-Voice EVA dual-15” subwoofers. The balcony area was handled by nine Electro-Voice Xi balcony loudspeakers and front fills.

Elite also replaced the old choir monitors and installed Electro-Voice FRI stage monitors. In addition to this, Elite also installed new amplifiers for the system and provided new Digital System Processing (DSP) using the Electro-Voice NetMax N8000 System Controller. They also provided network connectivity to the digital processor and created a user interface. The user interface offered the church to have control over the different speaker zones for testing. It also allowed them to mute selected speakers when the balcony is not in use.