MOBO Awards celebrates with Turbosound

Britannia Row Productions chose a Turbosound Flashline line array system to deliver audio for the 18th year of the MOBO Awards. Broadcast by BBC Three from the recently completed 13,000-seat SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow, Britannia Row supplied, installed, and managed the entire sound system for the celebratory event.

Nico Royan, system engineer and designer for Britannia Row, described the system design: “The set was far wider than I would have liked. To easily cover the room the system comprised main hangs of 12 Flashline TFS-900H four-way line array boxes a side with three Flex Array downfill boxes underneath. For the side hangs I decided on eight Flashline a side, and for delays I had six Flex Array a side, just to refresh the top seats.”

In addition Royan specified eight Flashline TFS-900B subwoofers per side. “Howard Smart and Danny Cooklin from Turbosound have developed a new cardioid preset for the subs and I’m extremely impressed with it. It’s eliminated almost all of the low frequency that was coming out the back, which is really very helpful.”

Royan also added compact two-way TQ-308s along the monitor shelf, just for lip fill for the central area. Over to the side of the main performance stage, where the MOBO Awards were presented to the winners, Royan specified two small stacks of Aspect point source loudspeakers: “This was because the presenter platform was right in front of a big hang of Flashline,” he explained. “To solve this I routed the presenter output so it only fed the top part of the flown array, and then used the Aspect to take over to cover the floor.”