Monacor?s img Stage Line equips T in the Park’s T-Break Stage

This year’s T in the Park festival saw the event’s T-Break Stage rigged with Monacor’s img Stage Line branded compact L-RAY/1000 line array system.

Glasgow-based production company Dyna-Mix also equipped the 2,000 capacity marquee, which has become a regular platform for unsigned bands to showcase their material at the event, with eight Monacor PAB-615/SW floor monitors, and two TRITON-600 active PA systems.

"We only have six clusters of L-RAY – and we ran them at the limit, 12 hours a day, for three days without a break," reported Dyna-Mix proprietor Jerry Radford. "But we achieved no distortion whatsoever and the clarity was perfect. Both Tennents and the promoters [DF Concerts] were delighted and I would have no problem about using this system again in the same conditions."

Many of the bands performing on the stage also praised the set-up. Radford added: “Feedback from bands who brought their own monitor engineers was that they were delighted with the PAB-615/SW.

"Many said they were astonished by the quality – and these really are the business; the mount of abuse they can take is incredible "

When Dyna-mix, who have been working various stages at T in the Park on and off over the past 13 years, needed to invest in line array technology Radford sought the most-cost effective option available. The compact, active L-RAY/1000 comes with four mid-high range speaker units and a dual bass module, each with its own 350W (RMS) power amplifier and controlling software, giving a continuous 700W RMS and peak output of 1000W per cluster.

The mid-high range systems are each equipped with 2 x 10cm (4") speakers and a magnetostatic speaker designed for detailed reprduction. The LF response and level stability of the bass module – with two 20cm (8") bass speakers – is a result of using components with high power capability and the extensive optimisation of the DSP. Although these are stand-alone systems, adjustment can also take place using a remote PC.

“We were running a constant 100dB at the desk, which was 20m from the front stage; so we achieved what we needed to achieve. In fact it went without a hitch," said Radford.

"The T-Break tent is my baby and it is also a very personal tent to Tennents, so to hear them say that they were over the moon with the way the system was presented, speaks volumes for all those involved."