Moog gathering field recordings for Global Synthesizer Project

Synth manufacturer Moog and London-based sound artist Yuri Suzuki have joined forces to introduce The Global Synthesizer Project, an interactive electronic musical instrument installation featuring environmental sounds from around the world.

Utilising an archive of atmospheric field recordings from a wide variety of locations, the aim of The Global Synthesizer Project is to empower users to create new sonic environments through the manipulation of a diverse collection of source materials.

Moog is now looking for ‘audio adventurers and sonic scouts’ from all corners of the globe to populate several custom Moog-designed-and-built synth modules and contribute local sounds from their regions.

The modules will come together to form the Global Modular, an instrument shaped like the map of the world (pictured), with each module representing a specific region and providing sounds recorded in that area, all connected by wires much like a conventional modular synth.

Field recordings can be sent to in either .aiff or .wav format, with location and sound source information included with each submission.

The results of The Global Synthesizer Project will be unveiled at the annual Moogfest event in Durham, North Carolina, from 19-22 May 2016.

To find out more about the project, see the video below.