msm Studio Group turns to PMC for Dolby Atmos upgrade

Media production company msm Studio Group has expanded its studio and services in Munich, Germany, to offer the immersive Dolby Atmos format with new speakers from PMC.

Opened in 1991, msm has long been at the forefront of cutting edge audio production. It has also been a PMC user for many years, with the company’s MB2S, IB2S and DB1S speakers installed throughout the facility. As well as working daily with clients such as Universal Music, Deutsche Grammophon and Sony Music, msm has grown from a CD mastering facility into a complex that now also offers DVD and Blu-ray mastering and audio/video postproduction.

"We have two mastering rooms (one in stereo and one in 5.1), a smaller editing and QC room and a home cinema style studio that has full HD projection," said msm founder and managing director Stefan Bock. "We also have facilities for video editing, colour grading and Blu-ray/ DVD authoring."

For several years, msm has been pioneering Pure Audio Blu-ray, an audio-only format that utilises Blu-ray discs to deliver high resolution stereo and multichannel audio. The success of Pure Audio, combined with client demand for immersive formats, led Bock and his team to expand msm’s current 7.1 cinema room into a 9.1+4 Dolby Atmos environment.

"We have been dealing with immersive audio formats for the last two years, especially in the context of Pure Audio Blu-ray, and we have been really excited by these developments," Bock said. "Last November we contacted Dolby to discuss how to turn our home cinema studio into a Dolby Atmos Mixing suite and we have now completed this project. It is amazing how excellent the room sounds."

msm’s cinema room now houses PMC IB2S three way speakers for the L, C, R channels and DB1S speakers for the surround and height channels. Designed by acoustician Jochen Veith and driven by a ProControl desk with Trinnov Altitude for monitoring and decoding, msm’s cinema room was always an impressive sounding space. However, since the Atmos upgrade Stefan has grown even fonder of the studio.

"I love the room," he said. "It’s hard to leave, and I have to admit that I’m now getting a bit bored if the mix is only 5.1…"