Mumford & Sons hit the road with L-Acoustics

Mumford & Sons were on the road again this August for ‘The Full English’ tour of North America, and were backed the whole way by an L-Acoustics K1 system.

Montreal-based Solotech provided the concert sound systems and support for ‘The Full English’ gigs, as well as the ‘Summer Stampede’ shows earlier in the summer. Systems and support for the later ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ two-day stopover shows were supplied by LD Systems of Houston – also part of the L-Acoustics Rental Network.

According to Mumford & Sons’ audio system engineer and sound designer, Jamie Howieson, the production crew deployed 28 K1 mains and six KARA down-fills, plus 16 K1-SB flown subwoofers with 16 SB28 below for most of the show dates. Out-fill hangs were made up of 24 KUDO, with 10 dV-DOSC for lip-fill.

The arena shows were typically reinforced via 32 K1 and 12 KARA, partnered with 16 K1-SB and 16 SB28 subs. Out-fill hangs consisted of 24 K1 with 12 KARA down-fills, and lip-fill was accomplished via 12 dV-DOSC units.

The ‘Gentlemen of the Road’ festival dates, which attracted crowds of around 40,000, featured 24 K1 for mains, a further 20 K1 for out-fill, and 16 K1-SB and 16 SB28 boxes for low end. Three delay towers – offering a combined total of 24 K1 and six KARA – provided extended throw, and LA-RAK touring racks – each equipped with LA8 amplified controllers – handled system power and processing for all of the shows.

With the band performing mostly using traditional acoustic instruments – albeit hooked up to amplifiers from Marshall, Orange and other brands – Mumford & Sons are known for their high energy levels and huge dynamic range when playing live. From ultra-quiet to extremely loud, Howieson reports that he and FOH engineer Chris Pollard were impressed with how the L-Acoustics rig performed.

"Chris is very comfortable mixing on K1 and is achieving some fantastic mixes from night to night," Howieson said. "This system lends itself very nicely to the band’s sonic requirements and we’ve been hearing many compliments from local promoters at the venues on its musicality and coverage, both of which are remarkable. I’ve also been very pleased with how quickly we can fly everything, which frees up more time for system optimization and sound check. In short, the equipment and support from L-Acoustics, Solotech and LD Systems have been excellent."

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